About Us

We are a digital securities company raising financing for private companies, and giving investors greater access to private market opportunities utilizing digital technology.

Our Vision

To bring access, efficiency, and liquidity to the private financing market through digitizing end-to-end securities investments.

The Digital Evolution

Public securities have benefited enormously over the past several hundred years from technological innovations that increased accessibility, efficiency and reliability for public companies and investors. However, private markets have experienced few technological developments.

The Problem with Private Markets


due to lack of research and data on private market investment opportunities


for a wide range of issuers and investors due to intransparency and high minimums


legal and settlement process for new issuers and trading


assets and lack of secondary trading opportunities

Benefits of Digital Securities

Digital Securities are digital representations of traditional securities. This digitization offers a wide range of benefits in comparison to the traditional, paper-based versions :


Better accessibility and management as issuers/ investors can track their offerings/trades

Lower Transaction

Lower transaction costs by automizing regulation processes through smart- contracts

New Financial

Allows for the creation of new and innovative financial products


Faster settlement times due to a technology driven transaction processes

Our Products & Services

Our Team

George Nast

Senior Management
Startup Consulting
Ex-Senior Banker

Dean Sutton

Technology & Startups
Venture Funding
Strategy & Advisory

Ben Samaroo

Legal Executive
Securities Lawyer
Fintech and Regtech

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