Digital Securities: Q3 Update

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Market Insights

The third quarter of 2021 has been full of growth in the digital securities market. From tokenization taking place across a large number of asset classes to prominent issuers going live with their digital security

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Blockchain Will Grow From Regulation

By Vlad Estoup, Investment Representative at Atlas One Digital Securities

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Crypto bull runs expose the need for regulation

2017 brought the cryptocurrency space to light, with Bitcoin rising 2000%+ in a matter of months and several other cryptocurrencies

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Digital Securities: Disrupting Capital Raising

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Digital Securities facilitate tradability for private investments.

Finance on the Blockchain

Traditional finance players have been making headlines by joining the digital assets space over the past

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Digital Securities for Private Markets

Author: Vlad Estoup

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Digital securities offer infrastructure that facilitates capital raising dramatically. They provide numerous advantages for issuers and investors.

  • Increased Access: l
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Digital Securities — A Macro View

Digital Securities — A Macro View

Author: Vlad Estoup

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The digital securities market is beginning to grow steadily around the world. Numerous players are emerging, issuing digital securities in a variety of industries

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Central Bank Digital Currencies

Author: Vlad Estoup

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An important driver of digital securities adoption is blockchain-based settlement solutions, usually offered through Central Bank Digital Currencies (CBDCs). As of yet, only a few jurisdictions have adopted CBDCs on a mass-scale, but man

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Passive income on the blockchain

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One of the main avenues for passive income in the investment world is real estate. Whether it is cash-flow producing residential properties, commercial building

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