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The Atlas One Investment Platform offers a number of private market investment opportunities using the power of blockchain and Digital Securities.

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Current offers

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Alliance REIT

Alliance REIT invests in premium multifamily GTA real estate to generate superior returns

Castleview Park Apartments

Invest in an apartment building in northeast Calgary without the hassle of becoming a landlord

Yorkville Health Care Fund

Invest in Canadian healthcare solutions market with a yield-based fund with potential for capital appreciation

WealthShare Real Estate Trust Fund

Invest in cash generating long term buy and hold properties seeking stable and predictable returns in Alberta. Class B Trust Units


Class B Non-voting Common Shares of AP Capital MIC Fund

More Doors Capital Corporation Class C - Prime Fund

Class C non-voting Preferred Shares

More Doors Capital Corporation Class D - High Yield Fund

Class D non-voting Preferred Shares

Newlook Capital Dental Fund

A unique opportunity to invest in the Canadian Regulated Dental Industry

Westbow Real Estate Properties Trust

Invest in a portfolio of income-producing residential real estate diversified across Western Canada

ICM Crescendo Music Royalty Fund

Invest in Music. Earn Royalties. Every time a song is played, streamed, performed or downloaded, the investors earn a royalty.

Windrose Mortgage Trust - Class A Shares

Trust Units investing in a portfolio of 1st and 2nd residential and commercial mortgages in Ontario.

Align Prime Mortgage Trust - Class A

Invest in a portfolio of primarily 1st mortgage loans on residential properties in Ontario

Align High Yield Mortgage Trust - Class A

Invest in a diversified portfolio of primarily residential, 1st and 2nd mortgages in Ontario

Make Space Capital Partners Fund

Dividend-paying unit ownership of a diversified portfolio of Canadian Self Storage facilities.

Highgate Mews

Invest to develop 13 luxury apartments in the heart of London, UK and earn fixed semi-annual returns, through a digital securities offering

About Us

We are a digital securities company raising financing for private companies, and giving investors greater access to private market opportunities utilizing digital technology.

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Benefits of Investing with Atlas One

Enhanced Accessibility

Better accessibility and management as issuers/ investors can track their offerings/trades.

Lower Transaction Cost

Lower transaction costs by automizing regulation processes through smart contracts.

New Financial Products

Allows for the creation of new and innovative financial products.

Faster Settlement

Faster settlement times due to a technology driven transaction processes.