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Through our fully integrated Investment Platform and our network of broker-dealer partnerships, we aim to increase the reach of private capital markets.

“Atlas One was the only Exempt Market Dealer that could support our needs to distribute digital securities to investors, allowing us to raise capital to support our growth”

Mohamed El-Masri

CEO at Brox Equity Ltd

"Atlas One is a terrific partner and provided excellent service and advice as I launched my Mortgage Investment Corporation targeting exempt investors in Canada"

Laurie May Peroff

Founder at More Doors Capital Corporation

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Advisory and Structuring of New Offerings

Atlas One conducts due diligence, offer structuring, investor on-boarding, and post-issuance management, working with an ecosystem of professional providers.

Capital Raising Challenges in Canada


Investments involve high transaction costs due to complexity and time consuming processes.

Complex Investor Onboarding

Numerous documents, exemptions and paper processes for investors to navigate.

Difficult Post Issuance Management

Inefficient investor communication, distribution management, and cap table visibility

Atlas one solution

Efficient Offering Launch

Offering due diligence

Structuring & DSO technical preparation

Offering & Marketing documents

Capital Raising & Investor Onboarding

Capital Raising Platform

Launch/Marketing Service

KYC, accreditation and subscription

Post Issuance Management

Cap Table Management

Issuance and Life Cycle

Offering Process at Atlas One

Offering setup

Know your Product (KYP) review

Agreement on commercial terms

Issuer onboarding and due diligence

Structuring and document support (if applicable)

DSO issuance tech requirement and smart contract set-up

Creation of marketing materials

Offering launch

Offering set-up and Listing on

Roadshows / webinars / email campaigns

Collaboration with distribution partners

Subscriptions and new investor onboarding

Closing management

Offering life-cycle management

Issuance of digital securities to investors

Management of distributions and DRIP

Regulatory filing support

Issuers manage their offerings via Platform

Communication with investors

Benefits of Investing with Atlas One

Enhanced Accessibility

Better accessibility and management as issuers/ investors can track their offerings/trades.

Lower Transaction Cost

Lower transaction costs by automizing regulation processes through smart contracts.

New Financial Products

Allows for the creation of new and innovative financial products.

Faster Settlement

Faster settlement times due to a technology driven transaction processes.